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Why ReShape Physical Therapy

ReShape Physical Therapy is the future of physical therapy. We are redefining the role of a physical therapist and access to quality care. We at ReShape Physical Therapy use the most caring, skilled, and passionate physical therapists in the profession to get you back to living your best life. We partner with your primary care provider, fitness professional, and specialists in the area to make sure you get the best healthcare experience possible.


Ease of Access

We at ReShape want to make sure everyone with muscle and joint pain is able to be seen, assessed, and treated quickly to reduce the time of suffering.



We pride ourselves in our ability to educate each patient on their pathology, understanding of the cause and treatment, as well as ways to live and function for the future.



One on one time with a therapist trained in manual and therapeutic exercise who will tailor your specific treatment with the best research and clinical knowledge.

Our Reviews

We Accept All Major Insurance Plans

We help you focus on feeling better, not the fees. We offer affordable and flexible payment options, verify insurance coverage and answer healthcare questions to ease any uncertainties before your appointment.

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